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These feature films are currently available on Amazon Prime - if you click on a poster you will be taken to the film.

(2018) 226 Productions

A haunting, desolate score to accompany the harrowing journey of post-apocalyptic survivors.

(2020) Evil Pug Productions

Edge-of-your seat musical tension in this thriller that is more cat-and-monster than cat-and-mouse.

(2020) 226 Productions

A full-on assualt of the ear drums from this searing score to add the terror to this contemporary folk horror story.

(2021) Base TV Productions

A beautiful, sensitive score to support this brave and inspiring improvised film.

Feature Films

(2021) Santamana Productions

A unique approach to writing for a string quartet underpins this unique dark comedy.

Short Films

(2016) Santamana Productions

A quirky and unique score to accompany this highly original and intelligently dark comedy from the amazing mind of Fred Kelly.

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