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What's inside the 'Stealth, Tension & Combat' Music Pack?

The pack contains 104 audio assets with over 3 hours of music, including:


Fully mixed loops:

  • Stealth: 14 tracks, 28min 48sec

  • Tension: 14 tracks, 27min 44sec

  • Combat: 9 tracks, 15min 52sec


Other components included in the pack:

  • Stingers: 10 stingers, 48sec

  • Layers: 53 individual audio layers, 1hr 46min 40sec

  • SFX: 3 SFX tracks, 3min 12sec

  • Theme: 1 theme track, 42sec


By providing the mixed loops and the source layers, you can drop the pre-mixed loops straight into your game, or create your own variations using the different layers.

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